I'm a student at Bronx Science High School who entered a class called Physical Science Research. This class is preparing me for the Intel competition I'd like to enter in my senior year, and it requires me to find a mentor to help me with my project. Luckily, I think I found the coolest mentor ever, who is Sara J Chipps!

What is the purpose of my blog?
This blog's purpose is to document my experiences with Ms. Chipps and how we work together on my project for the Intel competition. I'll indulge in sharing the problems and solutions I encounter throughout this journey and try my best to thoroughly explain things as best as I can.

What is my project?
I hope to create a device that can monitor a baby's vitals and connect to a mobile device to aid in a parent's awareness of their child's health, which seems useful as smart phones and wearable technology is on the rage right now.

And although there are other devices that already monitor an infant's vitals, I hope my device can evolve and build off from these established ideas.

About Me
My name is Quymbee Chen (pronounced Quimby. haha). I'm a teenage girl. I guess you can call me a jack-of-all trades in a sense, but I think people refer to this trait as being "well rounded". I know a bit of programming (Java, Javascript, C#, HTML, Arduino and BASIC), can type 90 words/min, and splurges on anything related to psychology. I'm aspiring to double major in engineering and psychology because I can't seem to decide which topic I love more. 

But all in all, I think what describes me most is this: There's a Family Mission Statements list hanging in my hallway, and the first thing my family decided to put on there is "Learn to be happy".

Sara Chipps and I @ the FlatIron School!

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